Project Description

Tape sewing machine adds tape, feeds to the sewing machine.

This is an automatic infeed device with a bag top trimmer and Crepe Tape binder to add crepe tape to the bag. The Machine cuts the top of the bag and adds Crepe tape to the bag before sending it to the sewing machine to close the bag. The binders for the crepe tape currently are available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm and 75 mm. It is ideal for packing and presenting floor, pigments, and powders in general. The crepe tape closure does not only looks good, but it also reduces the sifting of the product.

This closing system can be used with a range of bag conveyors or an existing conveyor. Automatic infeed devices.

Stitch range7~10.5 (mm)
Oiling systemautomatic oil bath system
Filling Speed500-600 bags/hour
Machine weight150kg
Brake Motor for head4P, 3 Phase, 0.75 KW or 0.4 KW depends on conveyor speed