Project Description

Available in Semi-automatic or fully automatic configuration. Semi-automatic configuration is where Bags are fed to the palletizing robot and placed on a stacking station with floor positioned empty pallets, full pallets are picked up by fork truck or pallet jack for wrapping prior to shipment.

Fully automatic configuration features pallet dispenser, slip sheet dispenser and automatic full pallet conveyors. This system feeds empty pallets to stacking station where robotic arm stacks bags, once a pallet is completed it is transported via automatic powered conveyors to integrated pallet wrapping equipment.

Widely variety of configurations and system designs are available.Smart Robot Palletizer includes:

Semi-automatic or automatic configuration with 1 or 2 pallet stack
Fully automatic configuration with power conveyors
5 axis, 100KG robotic arm
Robot Controller
Robot mounting base
Operator software pallet configuration
Pallet configuration
Industrial design End Of Arm Tooling
Safety protocols.

  • Palletizing rate: 400-700 bags/h
  • Max bag weigh 50kg
  • 25 KG End of Arm Tooling
  • CDLR Speeds: 60 FPM
  • Electrical: made to order
  • Air: Clean/Dry Air Required

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