Project Description

Fine power packing machine

This model is designed mainly for the fine powder which easily to spout dust and high-accuracy packing requirement. Based on the feedback sign given by below weight sensor, this machine do measuring, two-filling , and up-down  work ,etc. It is specially suitable for filling additives, carbon powder, dry powder of fire extinguisher, and other fine powder which needs high packing accuracy.


Main features:

Pneumatic bag clamper and platform equip with load cell to handle two speeds filling as per preset weight.Featured with high speed and accuracy weighing system to guarantee the high packaging accuracy.

Servo motor does up-down work driving with tray together, the up-down rate can be set randomly, no dust spouts out when filling.

With servo motor and servo drive controlled auger, perform stably, and with high accuracy.

PLC control, touch screen display, easy to operate.

Made of stainless steel, combined hopper or split hopper, easily to be cleaned.

With hand wheel to adjust the height , easy to fill many kinds of weight.

With fixed screw installation, the material quality won’t be effected.

Process: put bag/can(container) on the machine → container raise → fast filling,container declines → weight reaches the pre-set number → slow filling  → weight reaches the goal number → take the container away manually

Note: the pneumatic bag-clamp equipment and can-hold set is optional ,they are suitable for can or bag filling separately.

Two filling modes can be inter-changeable,fill by volume or fill by weight.Fill by volume featured with high speed but low accuracy.Fill by weight featured with high accuracy but low speed.


Main Technical parameters:

Packing Weight1kg – 25kg
Packing Accuracy1 – 20kg, ≤±0.1-0.2%, >20kg, ≤±0.05-0.1%
Power Supply3P AC208 – 415V  50/60Hz
Air Supply6kg/cm2  0.1m3/min
Total Power3.62Kw
Total Weight500kg
Overall Dimension1125×975×3230mm
Hopper Volume100 L


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