Project Description

MJ bag flattener quickly and smoothly presses full filled bags into uniform shape, which helps stack during palletising in a tighter and more stable.
MJ bag flattener consists of two belt conveyors. One at the top and one at the bottom. Full filled bags comes to the infeed side and gets flattened as going along in between the two belts. Both bottom and top conveyors are driven by motors to provide a smooth flattening the bags.

MJ bag flattener can also suitable for different size bags as it automatically adjusts the height of the top conveyor. The product will simply pushes the top conveyor higher and because the top conveyor is driven as well, the product will not be damaged as it will just smoothly move along the conveyors due to the two motor driven pressing conveyors.

Click below to see how the bag flattener operates!


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