Project Description

Product Features:
1、 Computer automatically measurement, screw conveyor-feeding, continuous operation, accurate data;
2、 Using high-speed processing instruments and sampling frequency digital technology, precision and ensure that the different packaging materials of the adaptation, easy to use flexible;
3、 A rational structure, space small, flexible installation, maintenance simple.
4、 Imported start implementing agencies, reliable, easy to maintain
5、 Dynamic display, parameter storage, data automatically saved, the pressure balance system, multi-function display and fault monitoring, automatic diagnostic techniques, multi-data communications interface, easy-site management and centralized control of management;
6、 Standard communications interfaces, can print statements;
7、 The main components are imported accessories, stable and reliable operation;

It’s suitable for raw material quantitative auto-packing in chemical, starch, cement, mortar, etc.

Bag SizeWidth: 160-300mm
Filling Weight1-50kg/bag
Filling Speed200-600 bags/hour
Bag typesFlat bag,stand bag,zipper bag,special-shaped bag
Machine MaterialMachine base and appearance parts:SUS304/SUS 316
Power380V or 220V or made accordingly
Size of Machine(mm)L2900xW2250xH1950
Weight of MachineAbout 2200kg


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