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Pallet dispenser:

The pallet dispensers manufactured by MJ machinery are among the most durable and reliable on the market. This reliability stems from its rugged all-welded frame made from rigid structural steel and MJ’s on-going commitment to quality. Two versions of pallet dispensers are available: a low-cost version using one bin to store pallets and a multi-bin version for greater storage capacity. This way, MJ can provide you with a pallet dispenser that fits with your budget and production requirements.

MJ pallet dispensers deliver pallets from the bottom of the stack one at a time and are never forced or rammed from the unit. In operation, the weight of the entire stack is relieved from the lowest pallet before it is released onto the discharge conveyor. Full-height guides on three sides of the magazine maintain a straight, square pallet stack for reliable feeding provided by the 2000-pound-capacity scissors lift, which features a sealed, self-contained power pack for maximum dependability.

MJ’s pallet dispensers provide high flexibility thanks to the machine configuration allowing to handle two, three or more different pallet sizes with minimal adjustment. The pallet dispenser can be designed for side or rear loading and handles virtually any size or type of pallets.


  • Heavy-duty construction requiring low maintenance
  • Rear or side loading
  • Large pallet magazine
  • Dispenses virtually any size or type of pallets


Pellet conveyor size: W1465*L1500mm

Gear motor:       WANNAN YE-4

Capacity: 15 pallets

Power: 380V, 3Ph

Pallet Specifications:
Types: 2 or 4-way
Width: 36″ to 48″
Length: 36″ to 48″
Height: 4.5′ to 5.5′

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