Project Description

Cases-Pellet packing machine


Name:Pellet packing machine

Weighing Range
5-10 KG/BAG
10-25 KG/BAG
25-50 KG/BAG
5-10 KG/BAG
10-25 KG/BAG
25-50 KG/BAG
5-10 KG/BAG
10-25 KG/BAG
25-50 KG/BAG
Weighing accurancy±0.2%FS±0.2%FS±0.2%FS
Packing Capacity
180-220 Bags/hour300-400 Bags/hour500-650 Bags/hour
Power Source(V)380/220 V 50Hz(Adjustable)380/220 V 50Hz(Adjustable)380/220 V 50Hz(Adjustable)
Air Source(Mpa)0.4-0.6 MPA0.4-0.6 MPA0.4-0.6 MPA
Outlook Size(mm)1000x790x1940+770
(stock bin)
(stock bin)

Product introduction:

Granule packing machine: including material bin, material level device, weighing module, bag clamping mechanism, unloading mechanism, electric control cabinet, pneumatic components, etc.

Working principle: when the granule packaging machine enters the automatic operation state, the weighing control system opens the feeding door and starts feeding. The feeding device is a fast and slow two-stage feeding mode.When the material weight reaches the set value of fast feed, stop fast feed and keep slow feed.When the material weight reaches the set value, close the feeding door and complete the dynamic weighing process.At this time, the system detects whether the bag clamping device is in a predetermined state. When the bag is clamped, the system sends a control signal to open the unloading door of the weighing hopper, and the material enters the packaging bag. After the material is finished, the unloading door of the weighing hopper is automatically closed.After unloading the empty material, loosen the bag clamping device and the bag will fall automatically.After the bag is dropped, it is sewn and transported to the next station.This cycle runs automatically.

Applicable Features:

Manual bag, pneumatic bag, weighing and metering automatic

Automatic completion of material packaging PLC control function, set weight display, packaging timing, process chain, fault alarm in one

Independent packaging weight input, weighing weight display window, display window with high brightness LED display, real-time display packaging weight, cumulative output, package number

Menu operation is simple and intuitive

Independent weighing system, weighing accuracy of 2%, fast speed

The material does not agglomerate or damage the material form during packaging;Material is not easy to remain in the packaging machine, easy to clean


Colorful touch screen ,easy to control

Higher configuration,siemens,

Three steps feeding, 0.2% weighing accuracy.

Material cleaning up and counting ,printing function


It is suitable for pellet or small granular material in the feed, food, grain, chemical industry. (For example pellet wholesome material, mixture, corn, rice, grain, wheat and grainy seed, feed, food, medicine, and chemical material etc.)


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