Project Description

This product is according to the logistics industry in large warehouse high-altitude distribution of materials, the dust is large, and the crushing rate is high. In order to solve the site working environment, our company designs and manufactures a telescopic chute with dust removal interface, which can reduce the dust on site and reduce the breakage rate. It is suitable for bulk trucks, ships, trains and other logistics distribution, with high reliability and large loading capacity And the loading speed is fast.

The flexible release hose for bulk materials is called telescopic chute, which is designed and manufactured according to international standards. This product adopts European famous brand reducer and explosion-proof control box, which can work reliably in high dust environment. The product has the characteristics of novel structure, high automation, high distribution efficiency, low labor intensity, dust-proof and environmental protection. It can be widely used in the distribution of bulk materials such as grain, cement, etc. It is suitable for loading, loading, internal distribution of grain depot, bulk material loading by train, truck, ship loading, etc.

The loading capacity of single set of telescopic chute can be from 100t / h to 2000t / h. The expansion length shall be provided by the customer.


1. Suitable for grain and oil storage terminal, bulk feed, cement distribution and other industries.

2. Suitable for train, tank car, bulk truck, etc.

Applicable materials:

rice, wheat, corn, soybean meal, soda ash, coke, feed, stone and other powdery, granular and block materials.


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